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Hello guys and girls of Azeroth.

We are currently making a completely new website - and reworking everything so we can get a fresh start to our new raid team. 

You can visit the new website HERE: http://raptureguildeu.enjin.com/home

Olympias of Rapture
Hello again Ladies and Gents of Azeroth!

Yesterday we finally managed to kill Garrosh Hellscream - And while i do not have a video of that I can upload yet - You will have to do with another screenshot dear readers.

After a 7% wipe the last raid, we were determined to kill this son of a gun. We made a couple of silly mistakes, and badly placed weapons - but nonetheless we finally got him down. It was an intense kill, and as you may hear in the video, we were pretty happy with it !


And as an added bonus - I have managed to mix up some videos of earlier bosses - Garrosh has to wait!. Next week we will start heroic progress and hopefully we will keep our position as a top 5 guild on Stormscale.

Well done guys! - You did good!.

Here is some videos of the earlier kills in Siege of Orgrimmar:

Sha of Pride:

Fallen Protectors:


/Sincerely - Olympias

5.4 is now live!

Olympias a posted Sep 11, 13
Hello ladies and gents !

Today we started raiding Siege of Orgrimmar !

First boss was easy - and we managed to get up to galakras - 52% was the best try as far as i remember. We are going in again tomorrow, and all of us did well.

Videos of our first encounters will be up as soon as possible, i just need to get the videos Kontas has made - for the Tank PoV. So stick around and look forward to some awesome videos !.

Can't wait to kill galakras and progress even further into SoO. 

NOW? It is time to go beddy bye bye!

/Sincerely Olympias

Next stop: Lei Shen!

Olympias a posted Sep 6, 13
Ladies and gentlemen! Raptureis now 11/13 HC! We downed Dark Animus yesterday evening. Really great job everyone!.. 

We had some really good tries, but dc's and RNG made us wipe at 5-7%... The kill was messy and thanks to Kaotick & Shizzlepot (and a great ankh from Cendurio!) Dark Animus fell to our might and wrath!

I actually have recorded the kill - but of course I had to disconnect at 3% so unfortunately there's no kills hot involved :(. Here is the screenie to prove our achievements in Throne of Thunder.

So tune in later for twins heroic and dark animus heroic videos!

Onwards to Lei Shen!

/Sincerely Olympias
Cendurio why am i on ( ) !!!
Hello guys!

I finally made the primordius HC video - so enjoy it! It has a Disc priest PoV and a Guardian druid PoV - so happy we killed him.

In other news we have had some tries on Dark Animus Heroic - and I tell you now! It aint a easy fight. But we should be able to kill it very soon :)... We have tried normal tactics and the zerg tactic - it will be exciting to see which one we kill him with. 



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